WebMoney Transfer, also known as WebMoney, is a global settlement system. Since its inception in 1998 in Moscow, the payment system has gained 36 million users worldwide. WebMoney provide financial services which offer customers a variety of banking options.

Payment flow

  • The customer inputs required information.
Webmoney checkout
  • The customer payment confirmation is displayed on the website.
Webmoney processed


name description
Countries Armania flag AM, Azerbaijan flag AZ, Belarus flag BY, Cyprus flag CY, Estonia flag EE, Georgia flag GE, Israel flag IL, Kazakhstan flag KZ, Kyrgyzstan flag KG, Latvia flag LV, Lithuania flag LT, Moldova flag MD, Russia flag RU, Tajikistan flag TJ, Thailand flag TH, Ukraine flag UA, Uzbekistan flag UZ
Type E-Wallets
Processing currencies USD
Supported currencies Refer to currency codes
Payment confirmation time Instant
Chargebacks No
Refunds Yes
Partial refund Yes
Refund time frame 2 years
Onboarding required No
Recurring Payments No
Mobile UI Yes
Opens new window Yes
Min Transaction Limit 0.30 EUR

Available models:

  • Merchant.

Included with your Paymentwall account.

  • MOR.

Terminal 3.