Integrating Paymentwall is easy.

This page lists a high-level overview of all ways to integrate Paymentwall into a website, application, web store or Smart TV service.

  • To build a custom integration, check which API works best to accept payments: Widget API, Checkout API or Direct APIs in the API Overview.
  • To study all the APIs, such as cancelling subscriptions, issuing refunds, getting the list of supported methods, go to full API Reference.
  • For an SDK for iOS, Android, Unity or Smart TV, check out the SDKs section.
  • For server-side API libraries, check out the Server SDKs section.
  • For shopping cart systems or e-commerce solutions, such as Magento or Woocommerce, check out the Modules and Platforms.
  • To learn which products works with which API, check the API Compatibility.

API Overview

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Widget API

Hosted page where user selects how much to pay. Good for stores with a few pricepoints (silver/gold/premium membership) and for games with Virtual Currency economy.
Can be used as an iframe or as a standalone page.

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Checkout API

Hosted checkout page to pay a given amount. Good for connecting to existing checkout flows.
Supports one specific or all available payment methods.
Can be used as a standalone page or as an iframe.

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Direct APIs

Used for building custom payment forms hosted by the merchant.


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Mobile SDK

Unified mobile payment solution for payment methods provided by Paymentwall.

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Server SDKs

Server-side API libraries with code samples for using Paymentwall APIs.

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Accept payments on Smart TVs.

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Unity SDK

Payment solution for Unity platform.

Integration Modules and Platforms

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E-commerce modules

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Social network/Messenger

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API Compatibility

Product \ API Widget API Checkout API Direct API Invoice API SDK - Mobile SDK - SmartTV
(coming soon)
(Brick Direct API)
(Mobiamo Direct API)
(MINT Direct API)
(Virtual Currency)