Shopware 5

Paymentwall’s Shopware 5 plug-in is easy to install and configure. With a single integration, all products of your E-commerce business will be monetized with 150+ payment options localized in 75+ currencies and more than 200 countries.


Step 1: Set up your shop

You can start setting up your shop using the instructions from Shopware’s getting started tutorial.

Step 2: Download Paymentwall plugin

  • Download Paymentwall plugin using on of the following options:
    • Download the plugin from Shopware App store

      For German language version of the page please use this link

    • Download the latest version of ZIP archive from GitHub repository.

      Please choose ZIP file named with the highest x.x.x numbers

Step 3: Install and activate Paymentwall plugin

  • Log in to Shopware Admin Panel
  • Go to Configuration → Plugin Manager
Shopware plugin manager menu item
  • Go to Management → Installed
Shopware plugin manager menu
  • Click Upload plugin
Shopware plugin manager - upload button
  • In the upload dialog select the ZIP file that you have downloaded before
Shopware plugin manager - upload dialog
  • Click Upload plugin
  • After the successful upload Paymentwall is listed under “Uninstalled” in the overview of the Plugin Manager.
  • To open the uploaded plugin click the Edit icon.
Shopware plugin manager - plugin list
  • Click Install button
Shopware plugin manager - install
  • Click Activate button
Shopware plugin manager - activate

Step 4: Configure the project in Paymentwall

  • Login to your Paymentwall merchant account
  • Go to Project Settings → Settings
    • Make sure that Project URL is a correct URL of your Shopware store
    • Turn on the Widget signature is required toggle
    • Turn on the Evaluation mode toggle
    • Set Pingback type to “URL”
    • Set Pingback URL to “http[s]://[your-domain]/paymentwallPingback”. Example:
    • Set Pingback signature version to “3”
    • Click Save changes.
Paymentwall project - profile configuration

Do not close this page, as you will need it for further configuration steps

Step 5: Configure the Paymentwall plugin in Shopware Admin

  • Log in to Shopware Admin Panel
  • Go to Configuration → Plugin Manager → Management → Installed
  • Find Paymentwall in the plugins list and click the Edit icon.
  • Scroll down and open the Configuration tab

  • Copy the following settings from your Paymentwall project and paste them to the Basic configuration section:
    • Project Key
    • Secret Key
Paymentwall project - keys location
Paymentwall plugin - keys configuration
  • Additional settings:
    • Widget code - leave empty at this point
    • Refund transaction when order is cancelled/rejected - set Yes if you want the transactions to be refunded automatically
    • Enable Test Mode - set Yes to enable Test payment method
    • Redirect Payment - set Yes to redirect customer to checkout on Paymentwall website
  • Click Save button

Step 6: Activate Paymentwall payment method

  • Log in to Shopware Admin Panel
  • Go to Configuration → Payment methods
Shopware configuration - payment methods
  • Select Paymentwall
  • Check the Activate checkbox
Paymentwall payment method activate
  • Click Save button

Step 7: Let’s Go Live!

You can start to test payments of your projects.

Refer to test payments with test method

Once you make sure everything works smoothly, please submit your project to go live.

See how to set you project LIVE


  • Paymentwall provides support for all up-to-date Shopware versions.

  • The list of available Payment Methods can be discovered here.

Contact if you find the version of your Shopware module is not supported.