Project Review

Once a project is created, it is available for test purposes using Test Payment Method, Test Pingback Tool, Sandbox Reporting or using Test Cards for Brick Direct API.

To go Live and start accepting real payments, your project should be submitted for review. When you’re ready, simply click the SUBMIT FOR REVIEW button.

Review submit

Adjustments before going live

Paymentwall team will perform a review of your project, which includes Business Review and Technical Integration Review. You just need to do a few adjustments to ensure your project could work normally in live environment.

  • API credentials

This mostly depends on the product you are using.

Widget API and Checkout API use same API credentials in both sandbox and live environment.

For merchants who are using Brick, you will need to replace your brick test credentials to the live one.

  • Disable test payment method

By default, we disable the test payment method on your project immediately once its status is changed to live.

We recommend you to create another project under your Paymentwall account as staging project.