Test Pingback Tool

Test Pingback tool is available for you to test how pingbacks work.

This tool is available in the Settings section of your Project once you set up the Pingback URL or Pingback Email:

You can send a test pingback and provide your own values for every parameter for debug purposes.

As a result of sending the Pingback you will see if Paymentwall received a successful response or not, as well as debug information about signature calculation.

Type Reason API Action needed
0 Payment confirmation Digital Goods / Brick Deliver product to customer
1 Payment confirmation Virtual Currency Deliver virtual currency amount to customer
2 Refund/Chargeback Digital Goods / Brick Cancel product / virtual currency amount from customer’s account
200 Risk status pending Brick Wait for approval/decline of transaction
201 Risk status approved Brick Deliver product to customer, transaction accepted
202 Risk status declined Brick Do not deliver product to customer, transaction blocked