Accepting payments with Paymentwall is simple. Regardless of whether you know how to write code or no - Paymentwall has solutions for you.

  • If you have a website using a popular engine, such as Shopify, Magento or Wix, no development is needed - simply follow the instructions in the list of Modules and Platforms.

  • If you would like to build a custom integration - integrate one of our Payment APIs.

  • If you would like to get paid by simply invoicing your customers - use Paymentwall Invoicing.



Checkout API

Checkout API

Recommended Single integration giving access to all payment methods or any single of them: Brick Credit Card Processing, Alternative Payment Methods, Mobiamo Mobile Carrier Billing and MINT Prepaid.
Checkout page hosted by Paymentwall to charge a given amount, which can be embedded as an iframe or redirected to.
Ideal for connecting to existing checkout flows.

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Direct API

Custom integration that allows merchants build and host their own payment forms and connect them to selected Paymentwall payment methods.
For highly custom integrations.
Supports client-side tokenization, iframe fields and server-to-server integrations.



Get paid for your services and products by simply creating an invoice, listing the items and emailing the invoices to your customers with a Pay Button. Automatically supports all Paymentwall payment methods to instantly accept payments. Invoices can be generated via your Merchant Area or automatically using the Invoicing API.


Widget API

[Deprecated] This API has been deprecated in favor of Terminal3 E-Commerce Shops. Terminal3 allows merchants create their E-Commerce Shops, manage inventory and virtual currency and connect to Paymentwall.

Paymentwall widget where users can select one of the multiple price points to pay.
Comes with Paymentwall product inventory system and Virtual Currency management system.


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Mobile SDK

Unified mobile payment solution for payment methods provided by Paymentwall.

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Server SDKs

Server-side API libraries with code samples for using Paymentwall APIs.

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Accept payments on Smart TVs.

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Unity SDK

Payment solution for Unity platform.

Integration Modules and Platforms

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E-commerce modules

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Social network/Messenger

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API Compatibility

Product \ API Widget API Checkout API Direct API Invoice API SDK - Mobile SDK - SmartTV
(coming soon)
(Brick Direct API)
(Mobiamo Direct API)
(MINT Direct API)