Mint is an online prepaid payment solution for purchasing digital goods and services.

It has been integrated in widget API and checkout API as an available payment method.

For more details about MINT, See Pay online with MINT.


  • Additional revenue stream. Wide range of accepted business models: online games, dating websites, SaaS services, donation websites, and many more.

  • No inventory needed. You will be able to use our API to generate e-Pins instantly depending on the balance remaining on their merchants account.

  • Localization. Ability to sell MINT e-pins at custom denominations and in a local currency to optimize sales in local markets.


As a merchant you have the ability to resell MINT either on your website or your physical store.

You will be able to sign up with Paymentwall as a MINT Reseller by clicking here.

Direct Integration

Alternatively, you can use redemption API to integrate MINT into your application. All you need is just a field to collect epin.