UnionPay is a bank card association based in China. The interbank network works with several other commercial banks throughout China to expand the use of the UnionPay card in both urban and rural areas. Their method of expansion into these areas involve increasing the number of bank card networking merchants, POS terminals, and ATM machines.

UnionPay is also working with other overseas commercial banks to widen the acceptance of its bank card to accommodate the demand of Chinese citizens living abroad.

Payment flow

  • The customer enters their credit card number.
UnionPay preset
  • The customer enters all credit card details to complete the payment.
UnionPay checkout


name description
Countries or regions China flag CN, Hong Kong flag HK, Macau flag MO, Taiwan flag TW
Type Credit and Debit Cards
Processing currencies USD
Supported currencies Refer to currency codes
Payment confirmation time Instant
Chargebacks Yes
Refunds Yes
Partial refund No
Refund time frame 180 days
Onboarding required Yes
Recurring Payments No
Mobile UI Yes
Opens new window Yes
Min Transaction Limit 0.3 EUR

Available models:

  • Merchant.

Included with your Paymentwall account.

  • MOR.

Terminal 3.