TrueMoney Wallet

Enable your customers to make payments using their TrueMoney Wallet. Eliminating the need to enter their card details can help your customers check out faster.

Payment flow

  • The customer inputs their mobile number.
  • The customer is prompted to authorize and confirm the payment amount using a one-time password sent to their phone.
  • Upon completion, the customer is redirected back to your website with the confirmation.
TrueMoney Wallet payment flow

TrueMoney Wallet

name description
Countries TH
Type E-Wallet
Processing currencies THB
Supported currencies Refer to currency codes
Payment confirmation time Instant
Chargebacks No
Refunds Yes
Refund timeframe Within 30 days
Onboarding required Yes
Recurring Payments No
Mobile UI Yes
Open new window No
Min Transaction Limit 20.00 THB
Max Transaction Limit 100,000.00 THB

Available models:

  • Merchant.

Included with your Paymentwall account.

  • MOR.

Terminal 3.