Paga is a Nigeria’s mobile phone-based payment platform, which allows its users to transfer money electronically and make payments on their mobile devices. Paga acts as a mobile wallet where any user equipped with a mobile device can conduct transactional activities using their devices.

Payment flow

  • Step1: Select Paga e-wallet as the payment method and enter the mobile phone number
Paga 1
  • Step2: Enter your email and choose the preferred payment methods to complete the payment
Paga 2


name description
Countries Nigeria flag NG
Type E-Wallets
Processing currencies NGN
Payment confirmation time Instant
Chargebacks Yes
Refunds Yes
Partial refund Yes
Refund Timeframe 1 month
Onboarding required No
Recurring Payments No
Mobile UI No
Opens new window Yes
Min Transaction Limit 0.3 EUR

Available models:

  • Merchant.

Included with your Paymentwall account.

  • MOR.

Terminal 3.