Mobile Banking Africa

Mobile banking is the leading way to access banks and make transfers in many African countries with low desktop penetration. Customers can transfer funds directly from their bank accounts using mobile banking.

Payment flow

  • Step 1: Select Mobile Banking as the payment method and enter required information
Mobile Banking Africa select
  • Step 2: Select the preferred bank option
Mobile Banking Africa fill
  • Step 3: Instructions are displayed with the prompt sent to the mobile number provided
Mobile Banking Africa checkout

Mobile Banking Africa

name description
Countries Kenya flag KE
Type Bank Transfers
Processing currencies KES
Supported currencies Refer to currency codes
Payment confirmation time Instant
Chargebacks No
Refunds Yes
Partial refund No
Refund time frame 6 months
Onboarding required Yes
Recurring Payments No
Mobile UI No
Opens new window Yes
Min Transaction Limit 4 USD

Available models:

  • Merchant.

Included with your Paymentwall account.

  • MOR.

Terminal 3.