Shopify - Delivery Confirmation

Paymentwall provides an easy integration with Shopify to track delivery updates. This helps us support your customers better and know the latest status of the delivery.

1) Activate Shopify webhooks.

Under Settings > Notifications > Webhooks add three webhooks for “Order fulfillment”, “Order creation”, “Fulfillment update”:

  • Click “Create webhook”
  • Under “Event” select “Order fulfillment”
  • Under URL paste:
  • Replace [YOUR_PROJECT_KEY] with your actual Project Public Key, e.g. abcdef1234567890abcdef1234567890
  • Click “Save webhook”
  • Repeat the steps above for event “Order creation” and “Fulfillment update”

Add webhook in shopify

As a result you should have 3 webhooks as shown below:
List of 3 webhooks

2) Copy the Shopify webhook secret key.

Once the webhooks are added, you will get the secret key.

Shopify Delivery key sample

3) Paste Shopify Secret into Paymentwall.

Paste the secret key from previous step into Paymentwall: My Projects > Settings > Integration settings.

If you don’t see this section, please contact

Shopify Delivery integration settings