Error codes

This reference helps you to learn more about the error you might encounter while interacting with Brick.

Onetime token creation error codes

Error code Description
200 Submitted request is empty.
223 Expiration date is empty or invalid.
224 Card number is empty or invalid.
225 CVV is empty or invalid.
231 Internal Error.
700 Internal Error.
2111 Public key is missing or invalid.

Failed payment

Once failing to perform charge/subscription request, Brick responds with JSON object including 4xx HTTP Response Status Codes.

  "code": 3002,
  "error": "Wrong charge amount",
  "type": "Error"

In order to fetch the error object from response body, please make sure your application is able to read response from requests that return 4xx status code. For example, error 4007 (API key is invalid) is sent back with 401 status code.

Failed payment error codes

Error code Description
1000 Internal Error. Please contact to get help.
1001 Project isn’t loaded.Please double check the API credentials
1003 Request payment method is not active. Please contact to activate
3000 Charge not found.
3001 Permission denied.
3002 Wrong charge amount. Double check the performed amount in charge request
3003 Card number is missing or invalid. Retry payments and check payment details
3004 Expiration month is invalid.
3005 Expiration year is invalid.
3006 Expiration date is invalid.
3008 Please fill in all required fields.
3009 Billing address is invalid. Please correct the billing address and retry the transaction
3010 Please contact your credit card company to approve your payment
3011 Please contact your credit card company to check your available balance
3012 Transaction was declined
3013 Transaction was declined due to issues with the card
3014 Wrong CVV
3101 Please verify the credit card number and retry the transaction
3102 You submitted an expired credit card number. Please ensure the credit card is valid
3103 You have submitted a card which is not supported. Please, use Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover credit card
3104 Country of the card is not supported
3111 Token was not found
3112 One-time token is invalid
3113 Test credentials are invalid
3114 Token was deleted
3115 Charge amount is too small. Default minimum is 0.50 USD. Please contact to adjust
3116 Charge amount is too high. Default maximum is 500 USD. Please contact to adjust
3200 Please retry the transaction or use another credit card
3201 The charge has already been fully refunded
3202 You can’t cancel this transaction
3203 This charge is not found or already captured
3204 You can’t refund this transaction
3205 Duplicate charge
3206 The authorization for this card has expired
3301 Please check first name
3302 Please check last name
3303 Please check address
3304 City is invalid, Please check city
3305 State is invalid, Please check State
3306 Please check Zip / Postal Code
3401 Wrong subscription period
3402 Subscription not found
3403 Wrong subscription period duration
3404 Some subscription trial parameters are missing
3405 Subscription trial period is invalid
3406 Subscription trial period duration is invalid
3407 Subscription trial amount is invalid
3408 Number of repeated payments in case of subscription failure is invalid
4004 Undefined method
4005 Request is empty
4006 API key is not provided
4007 API key is invalid
4008 Decryption failed
5000 Customer is not allowed to pay